The lowdown…I have been working away over here…but of course finding time for myself in between. Aprile has been good to me…there have been hikes with our American turned Swiss friends, a visit to my favorite Duomo, lunches with some special southern ladies, drives through the Chianti, cappuccinos in the piazza, lazy walks through the neighborhood, and peaceful fishing trips.
The weather has finally turned warm enough to open the windows and relish the fresh air after our very long winter. (Of course, the one day I really want to do that…they decided to cut the grass in the olive groves surrounding the house with the tractor. No complaints from me though…he mowed my lawn as well!) Most of you have probably been enjoying a beautiful warm spring, but here it is just beginning…and giving me so much joy. You have no idea how nice it is to be able to wear little ballerina flats and not have your toes freeze…but I digress.

I leave you with a beautiful Madonnina…offering un buon consiglio, some good advice. Take from it what you will…isn’t that the beauty of it?

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