I tend to have grand ideas about eating the recommended daily allowances of food each day. With that in mind, I gather all sorts of fruit when I go to the market. (Secretly…I think I purchase more for the look of the fruit bowl than the actual “eating” part.)

Are you like me…do you sometimes accidentally end up with an abundance of overly ripe fruit? Here is something you might want to try over the weekend if you are in the same boat I was yesterday…June is my month for peaches, they are just so pretty. This is one of my favorite recipes my mother used to make for us in the summer. (Complete with her notes…and some peach juice!)

Thank goodness this household never tires of peach cobbler. Even the simplest of bakers, namely me, can make it. You may also substitute just about any fruit…cherries, strawberries, plums. If you happen to have a copy of my trusted hometown cookbook, Tea-Time at the Masters, you can find it there as well.

Waste not want not…buon appetito!

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