My days have been filled with touring over the past weeks. We have had many many friends come to visit this autumn season…the perfect excuse for me to slow down and be a tourist in my own little area. It really is one of the best times to be here in Tuscany. The countryside is alive with the sights and smells of all the fall has to offer. The grapes that have ripened through the summer are ready for harvest, the olive trees are doubled over with bright acid green olives, the fields are coming to life again with touches of baby grass, and the hardwoods have just slightly begun to change their color to a deep gold. Even the fireplace is in full swing…grilling sausages and warming hands.The other day, I returned from one of our outings to find a perfect reminder to the end of summer on the door step. A couple of days later, I found a touch of fall…I love the generosity of our family and neighbors in the country…certainly not something that would happen often to me in the city.
I am sure more discoveries are in store for us over the coming Indian summer days…for now, I cannot wait to get back to being a turista.

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