I could write a thousand words on what the last 8 months have meant to me, I am sure you could too. How much it has changed me, my way of thinking, my way of relating and my general outlook on the world around me. It has been a mix of confusion, frustration, utter fear and yet reflection for most of us. However for me, it has also been an invaluable experience that has allowed me to reach into depths inside myself that I had forgotten were there. Almost complete isolation and not moving more that 200 meters from the house for the first 3 months will do that to a person, and now here in Tuscany, we find ourselves in this situation yet again, lockdown. This has led me to go back in time a bit in order to move forward again. It has churned up the foggy past and spit it back out at me with such clarity, I thought that it might be time to revive it. That includes dusting off this old blog space and sprucing it up a bit.

Sunset and silhouette in the field, July 2010.

While updating the Laura Fair website, I found writings from over 15 years ago and felt so cracked open and beyond lucky to have the chance to relive the experiences within me. All those thoughts and captures of my life adjusting and then thriving in this new land that has now comfortably become my home. I will admit with the transfer of the entries, I lost the original date stamps, but the posts are all still there and in their original form and order. If you would like to take a little “tuffo nel passato,” a dive into the past with me, check out the blog archives.

The hope is to add little by little to this space as time goes on, somewhat a compare and contrast with the past. Would you all be interested in seeing more, you know, since 2020 is not what we all thought it would be, is it?

November 16, 2020

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