Something VERY big has been brewing behind the scenes at Laura Fair over the past months. (Sneak peek above…this is a very soft reveal, as I am not even sure if I have the go ahead to do it…but, I am just so elated!) I promise I will reveal much much more to you as soon as I have my hands on some photos and the official word where it will be sold. For my wholesale clients out there and those of you going to the High Point Furniture Market this week…the Laura Fair Teen and Children’s Bedding Collection for Girls and Boys is debuting with Rizzy Home! (Yes, as I hinted before, now your children can have sweet dreams with Laura Fair!) The Rizzy Rugs and Home Texco showroom is in High Point at Showplace #3515, so please check it out if you are there and tell them I sent you…and be sure to let me know if any of you happen to catch it!

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