This Ottobre, October, has been an unusual one filled with humid Indian summer days and long red-tinged dusks.  Nature is a little behind this year.  The crocus are still hanging on, the bees are still busy, and the spiders are in overdrive building web after web.  Instead of normally being obsessed with olive picking, the Tuscans have porcini fever.  Not just for the delicious and highly coveted funghi, but all types of mushrooms.  It is a real malattia, sickness, around here…you cannot leave the house without hearing about who has trudged through the woods and found what and where.  However, you mustn’t listen too hard, they are all telling white lies…a true hunter would never reveal where he found his stash.  We just ‘fell back’ and the days are now ending very abruptly with nightfall by 5:00 pm urging us to linger in front of the fire.  Just a taste of what we will get as winter comes closer.  Click on the above photo to see the entire collage of my October days.

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