I am not sure if I have ever mentioned it, but October is my very close second favorite month here in Italy (May and it’s flowers being my first as you probably already guessed). The weather is usually a perfect blend of indian summer and brisk autumn. However, this year has been a little extreme in that clear, cold Siberian winds literally blew in and overnight my picture perfect fall turned frosty. Of course, that did not stop anyone around here…we trudged right on through. We had things to do…Roman baths to visit, new Laura Fair product samples to review, wood pigeons to watch migrate, paintings to finish, stories to read, sunsets to absorb, tree houses to climb up into, views to soak up, new friends to enjoy, quiet rains to listen to, fires to build, and of course wines to taste. We have had a lovely time so far October, and we thank you for all of your gifts…especially the best one you gave us this year…dear visiting friends in which to share your bounty.

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