Mr. November, I was about to give up on you, seriously. I have to say you have been a little melancholy this year and it is not helping any of us. You have allowed the sun to shine exactly one day…and I can tell you which one, Wednesday November 11th, San Martino, the day we celebrate with chestnuts and new wine by the fire. And it was wonderful, and it gave us hope, but then, the very next day you covered us in fog and clouds again.

So today when I woke up, a little pessimistic to say the least, you must have known, because when I looked out the window it gave me so much joy to see the blue sky and the fog dissipating. And did you hear the birds singing…they were almost deafening. I even opened the windows to grab as much of the sun as I could. Is it too much to ask to let it happen again tomorrow?!

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