I spend most of my time during the day doodling small things at the desk. I then transfer them to the computer and my work blossoms from there. I am fortunate enough to have a functioning office~studio within our house, but sometimes I just need to break out the paint and get messy.

A limonaia, literally translated as a place for the lemons, is the Tuscan version of a greenhouse, and most homes…from farmhouses to villas…have one attached to the house. During the winter, this lovely little room is the home to my beloved lemon and orange trees.

During the spring and summer months, when the weather permits, it transforms into my painting studio.

This past weekend I finally took the time to brush off the dust…and the spiders, and the scorpions…I even made a little seating area for when you come to visit.

With so much room, I think it’s time to start creating something big…

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