We have a starling “storno” that comes back to our house every year to nest. When I say our house, I literally mean IN our house. This little creature seems to have found the perfect hollow in between our 600 year old stones. Every spring I watch her from the window swooping into the hole with straw and branches. As time goes on, little peeps of hunger begging mommy to bring treats can be heard. She diligently goes searching for the perfect morsel, usually an olive, a worm. Then one day I look out the window and I see six perfect little birdies bouncing on the lawn. She proudly nuzzles them and as if by magic, they are off into the world…gone.

“…some think it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it’s letting go…”

I used to mourn for her, after all the work she has done, all the love she has given, in an instant…it is gone. Then I learned the cycle…the moment she lets go, she begins again…searching for straw to repair her nest and planning for the next brood. Sure enough, after some time, I begin to hear the peeps. Amazing the wisdom that can be garnered from this one little creature…I need to pay more attention.

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