Happy 2012 a tutti! Days are flying by fast this year…are we already in February? As per this time every year, I have been glued to a chair in the studio…losing myself in some amazing projects. Speaking of that and not to go back in time, but did I ever show you the new Laura Fair12 Days of Christmas” collection I launched with Evergreen at the winter shows? How fun it is going to be to set the table and trim the tree for Natale in December!

Oh….and did I tell you about the blizzard? Just look at the front yard! For the last two weeks, Italy has been hit hard by snow, blistering winds, Siberian temperatures…no kidding…actual storms from Siberia! My poor friend Lynn got caught in the middle of it with us. Can you imagine…snowed in a 1400’s farm house with a broken wood burning stove, a shivering cold dachshund, a mad Tuscan shoveling snow, and of course, bottles of wine. Thank goodness for having heavy duty snow chains on the car, otherwise we would have never managed to get out and cope with our cabin fever. As I type this, snow is melting, wood burning stove is flaming away, sun is shining, and I am smiling with the memory of it all.

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