All over Italy in the summertime, every little hamlet or neighborhood organizes some kind of festival to raise money for whatever cause might be in need. These are usually large gatherings where they serve a particular food from the area…wild boar, pasta, pizza…you have dinner together at family style tables and afterward there is dancing (as with all Italian get-togethers!) Sometimes they even offer games and rides for the children. We love to go, you really get a taste for the life here…not just with the food, but a big dose of culture as well.

Every year down the mountain in the valley, they have a festival that celebrates the frog, “rana”. I have been very curious about this…do they actually cook and serve frogs? Well, yes they do and…I ate frogs. Cannot believe I am telling you, but I did…and I enjoyed it. And it is true, they do taste like chicken. They smell a little like fish too. I wanted to take a picture, but then I thought I would really gross you out, so instead I give you the frog fountain…

and I am going back next year…anyone care to join me?

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