While I am oh so patiently waiting on the paint to dry for one of my newest Laura Fair projects…I thought I would learn a new word in Italian so that I might write a little update on the last weeks here…fanciullezza or infanzia…childhood…as in reliving one’s.

So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us.
~Gaston Bachelard

I seem to have found myself in this limbo state many many times over the past weeks. We all experience it from time to time on different levels…that nostalgic feeling of carelessness and wonder that washes over you…and the sensation of letting go and absorbing a childlike moment can be so freeing and so therapeutic. Of course, I did not quite think about this as I planned the activities…but the reward I unintentionally received was surely worth it!

Yes, I went to the circo, circus! And I saw camels, goats, yaks, horses, zebras, lasso toting cowboys, showgirls, magic, clowns, and even an elephant. I ate popcorn and cotton candy and laughed and clapped and whistled and sat in awe with my mouth open wide. And the dachshunds…just another of my adventures…to a dog show where you can only imagine the sounds of all the little yippee dogs and the smells of the big ones…hee hee.

I even had the opportunity to teach my precious students some painting and later on in the week we took una gita, a field trip. I will save that for another post, as I have so much to tell…but will leave you with this thought that has been so reinforced within me. Take advantage of the smallest things that are offered around you. Act silly…don’t worry about the thoughts of the person next to you…let yourself go…or you might never know how much joy you could bring to yourself…or to others.

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