I have officially hit the dieci mark…10 years for Laura Fair and for Italy.  Really hard to believe.  I have been thinking about this all morning on this strange, slightly foggy Sunday.  I thought I might start a little 10 things series.  At the risk of giving you too much information, apropos to start with 10 things about me, right?
1   I cannot live without the sun…I believe a sunny day can solve all the world’s problems.
2   A dermatologist here in Italy told me I was probably not meant to live here with my skin…she then told me I wear too much sunscreen.
3   I embraced walking only because the landscape calls me to be outside, but have happily found so many other benefits.
4   I waste entirely too much time looking out my window…I am simply captivated by the view.
5   I see patterns and color schemes everywhere…the urge to design never quits.
6   In the winter I spend my days building and stoking fires and my summer is spent with shutters closed in the dark (that is, if I am not swimming in the pool).
7   I do sometimes dream in Italian…and I find I am pretty well versed.
8   Ciccia Maria will always be my first but, she now shares me with the cat, Gatto Matto Leo, and five other dogs Georgia, Giulia, G Dino, Birba, and Anya.
9   I was emphatic about not spending my life with an Italian, funny how our minds can change…now I have Dino and cannot imagine a life without him.
10  I love how balancing my feet on two continents can make me feel grounded at the same time.

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