To continue the celebration of 10, I thought that I would write a bit about the place I have chosen to live.  Just as I gave you 10 things about me, here are my 10 favorite things that you will only find in Tuscany.

1      A trip two hours in any direction delivers landscapes that make you feel like you have traveled to another country.

2      Eyes are opened as you wander the streets of Florence in the evening with all the shops aglow.
3      Those silvery olive trees essentially speak while they are swaying in the wind.
4      Layers upon layers of history are reflected in intricate stone and brick work all placed by someone’s hand.
5      Autumn arrives with the smell of wood smoke wafting from every chimney and field.
6      That perfect golden light at dusk can make you feel like you are bathing in rose gold.
7      An explosion of wildflowers brings year round eye candy with poppies, sunflowers, rock roses, fruit trees, even the little margherite that dot my front lawn make me smile.
8      Drives through the countryside fill you up and last all day…sometimes not even stopping or leaving the car.
9      Lazy long lingering lunches in small seemingly isolated trattorie with course after course and a bottle of red Vino Nobile.
10    Never needing a watch, as there will always be a church bell to guide your day.      

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