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laura fair thoughts


It has been way too long…for a post here and most importantly, an update of the old Laura Fair website!  I did not want to change too much of the original style, as it was all me, but it needed a little bit of polishing.  You will find that I have streamlined it a bit …

daily life inspiration thoughts


Do you ever get to the point where you cannot turn on the news for fear there will be yet another heartbreaking story to be heard? This past week has been a killer for me…so much devastation, so many tears, so much concern for the future, and wondering…what can I do about it? What an …

daily life inspiration thoughts


Primavera is approaching…the almonds are blooming…the sky is clear…the birds are chirping (including the pheasant perched on the table in the front yard)….this happens every March, Marzo, here in Tuscany. We experience the most beautiful touch of glorious Spring. It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows …