In the midst of all of the touring we have been doing over the past weeks, we also celebrated a very special day. Above is my Goddaughter, Caroline. She traveled all the way from the United States to be baptized in Italy…and for her grandmothers and grandfather, I offer this personal post. We found the perfect venue, as Caroline’s parents are Episcopal, the over 100 year old St. James Church in Florence, and had an intimate private ceremony with Father Mark Dunnam…not only an American priest, but a southern gentleman to boot. How wonderful and something she will no doubt be able to tell her grandchildren.
In 2010 I have become a Godparent twice…to my little nephew Alexander, and now Caroline. I pray that I will be able to give them support, love, and be a good example to each of them throughout their lives. More realistically, I will probably be known as their crazy aunt Laura who lives in Italy and lets them eat gelato for dinner…but that is ok, both sentiments sound pretty good to me.

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