I know…I have been gone a long time. In fact so long, I am not even sure if any of you are still stopping by to see if I will come out of the shadows. I am sorry for that. To fill you in on the happenings, I had a lovely trip to the United States visiting with all the ones I love. (Hope you all are still reading!) I returned to Italy where it was snowing and sleeting and all sorts of cold things and where stoking fires became a full time job. The charming Peggy and her husband dropped in for lunch on her birthday. I had an insightful trip to Milan for work and inspiration with Kathleen. I have been nurturing new projects including some narrative writing and paintings. I have been digging the mixes you can find on 8tracks.com. Take a listen to this one. Even had time to visit with old friends in Deruta and dream of hand-painted Italian ceramics again. (They will always be my first love.)
And now…today oggi…finally the sun is shining. (You know how much I love the sun.) The trees are even slowly starting to bloom here, pale pink almond blossoms and creamy white peaches. Maybe that is why the shadow decided to check in with you. I hope to resume regular programming very soon and want to know… are you looking forward to the approaching spring? I, for one, cannot wait…it is about time, right?

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