Oh goodness y’all (southern accent took no time to come back), I cannot believe it has been over a month since I last posted! I have been so blessed to be able to have spent some wonderful time in Georgia…not to mention South Carolina and North Carolina, too. I am one lucky girl, I tell you!
My visit to Atlanta and the Gift Show exceeded my expectations. I was able to connect with some old clients, renew relationships with some would be clients, and secure some NEW clients. Oh the stories I would like to tell…soon I will be able to spill the beans, I promise. You are going to be amazed (I sure was) at the new product we will be launching in the coming months. A little hint, you might get to sleep with Laura Fair…hee hee. Lone Elm Studios is selling tons of my little Laura Fair product mix (above)…and I finally was able to put my own hands on the merchandise. If I don’t say so myself, it turned out great…I love it…and am really proud of what we have been able to put together. Even bigger news, The Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, Georgia will soon be carrying the line…really exciting to have it in my hometown and so honored to be in such a prestigious place. (By the way, if you are interested in grabbing some, let me know and I will point you in the right direction.) Golden Rabbit Enamelware continues to offer all the Laura Fair patterns, Damask, Blue Toile, and Beach House…it is always great to catch up with Peggy and Kathy.

After the show was a whirlwind of family, friends, beach, lake, and even clients. I have to say, I just really did not get enough time with nephew Big Al, he is growing so fast, but I was fortunate to see him get his first cute little boy haircut and take his first of many boat rides on the lake.
The beach was incredible…a whole week at Isle of Palms in Charleston…thank you Meags and the whole Fullerton~Miracle~Oldham clan for an unforgettable yet extremely relaxing time…you have no idea how much it meant to me to be there with you all.
I am now back to the literal drawing board in Tuscany. I have deadlines and deadlines, scadenze…a new word I had to learn last week. It is great to be back…the weather is stunning and a cool 75-80 degrees outside right now…but I cannot pay any attention to that…I gotta work! Hope you all are enjoying these last days of summer, I am sure going to miss it when it is gone.


  • sperlygirl says:

    ohhh, i am so excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it…and…get to do so in person!!!
    xx s

  • Meagan Miracle says:

    Laura, it was a pleasure having you and it was good for my soul to spend a whole week with you!! I will forever think of you when I have bologna and cheese! Thanks for making us part of your blog!! Frannie says she loves and misses you too! Meags

  • kt says:

    Sounds like a great time was had. I can not wait to here what you have in the works, exciting!!

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