Secondo Anniversario

Over the past month or so, I have been very concentrated on growing and promoting Laura Fair by getting all LinkedIn and facebooked up that a short time ago, I truly felt the need to unplug…to take care of those bits of me that need to breathe fresh air, pick up a paint brush, live outdoors with the puppies, go for lazy drives, take pictures, all to be inspired to design even more. To top it off, we have been absolutely blessed with an unbelievable Spring…I should even say Summer as the temperatures are nearing heights we normally feel in June…so that I have done just that for a while…unplugged. Thus to indulge myself with a little computer time, and to celebrate my 2 year anniversary of sharing on this blog…here is a little glimpse into the last month…
March brought us a feeling of May…a blessing for my creativity I must say. I highly recommend a little unplug every once in a while and I promise I will be back soon, as I still have many things to share with you…but for now…it is time for me to get back out and play!


  • linda says:

    Wow, I found your blog through and just wanted to say your designs are beautiful! I also live in Tuscany and working on building up my own creative dream :) Thanks for inspiring as you share your journey!

  • Laura Fair says:

    Grazie Linda, that is so nice of you…I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog…thanks for stopping by!

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