The Process

Completely enamored with the medium, hand silkscreen printing has become my preferred method of expressing myself. Gathering from the vast abundance of the artistic beauty that can be found all around me in Italy, I have compiled a new series of handcrafted fabrics for the home. My hand-printed stories reinterpret the past for modern day. Utilizing the subtle color palette and views of my everyday surroundings, they are literal love letters, souvenirs of Italy, from me to you. From the drawing of the designs and mixing of the ink colors to the actual silkscreen printing of the fabrics, all items are rigorously made by hand by Laura Fair. 

I am an advocate for reuse and scour outdoor markets, second hand stores, textile remnants and the occasional outbuilding in the countryside to find and reclaim fabrics in which to print. After I have painstakingly hand-printed each color onto the fabric, I then pass them on to be hand finished into pillows, tablecloths, table runners, napkins, guest towels, and scarves. Please see the Shop for current offerings and news of pop-up shops in your area.

The Limonaia Studio

In villas and farmhouses all over Tuscany, the lemon tree is an extremely important symbol for the house. Driveways and courtyards are richly decorated with the potted manicured trees. When winter arrives, the trees are safely put away in what is called the ‘limonaia’. I now make my studio in this greenhouse of sorts. Please see Workshops or Contact if you would like to visit me in the studio.


In addition to my one of a kind handmade items, I am also available to do commission work for individuals and interior designers. This includes already produced designs that can be made into specialty fabric sets, yardage and even hand-painted ceramic tables upon request.