Do you ever get to the point where you cannot turn on the news for fear there will be yet another heartbreaking story to be heard? This past week has been a killer for me…so much devastation, so many tears, so much concern for the future, and wondering…what can I do about it? What an inspiration the people of Japan have been for me, for all of us. A deep and profound reminder to get out of my own head and start living with the compassion in my heart.
(This fresco is just one of the millions of things I have grateful to have in my home…this graceful angel hovers above me while I work every day.)


  • Julie Hayes says:

    Laura – That angel fresco is so beautiful! Did you paint that or was it original with the house? Great post and you are right we have so much to be grateful for and shouldn't wait for tragedy to happen in order to recognize that fact. Love you & Miss you – Hope all is well in Italy! xo,Jules

  • Laura Fair says:

    Julie…I love that you comment…thank you! The fresco is original to the house, and stranger still…it was painted over an even older medieval fresco…oh these walls talk! Cannot wait to see your little one…miss you too!

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