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While I am oh so patiently waiting on the paint to dry for one of my newest Laura Fair projects…I thought I would learn a new word in Italian so that I might write a little update on the last weeks here…fanciullezza or infanzia…childhood…as in reliving one’s. So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can […]

A Casa

Home again. There is always a reentry I must go through when returning from the US to Italy. An adjustment of sorts. Language changes, weather changes, food changes, hour changes, you get the picture. I have no idea if this happens to others who share their lives between two different countries…but a metamorphosis of sorts […]


I live in paradise. Today is one of those days, I just wanted to pinch myself when I woke up to make sure it was true. The sky is the richest blue I have ever seen…the air is so clear…the temperature is an absolutely perfect 75 degrees with a slight breeze. So, as you can […]


I know…I have been gone a long time. In fact so long, I am not even sure if any of you are still stopping by to see if I will come out of the shadows. I am sorry for that. To fill you in on the happenings, I had a lovely trip to the United […]

New Year

I have been working on this entry for a very long time. I have written words, I have erased words, I have deleted it completely. This has not been a easy one to write, but I felt I needed to do it, so I kept to it…perseverance above all. Now with the start of the […]