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10 years

10 years, dieci, a decade.  You all know the tag line, in 2005 I packed up everything I owned, including little Ciccia Maria (who is now 11 1/2 I might add), and set out for the adventure of a lifetime, I moved to Italy.  Wow…what an adventure it has been to say the least in […]

Gennaio 2015

As tradition here in Italy, most homes have a nativity scene and ours is no exception.  We have been patiently waiting for the arrival of the Magi on the 6th.  Then again, silently not wanting their appearance as it signifies the holidays are officially over in Italy.  Well, the wise men traveled to adore Jesus […]


The view has been incredible this past month of November…but then again, he delivers a little something to us every year…including some  spectacular light shows intimate holidays with a mix of new (check out those Laura Fair coasters!) and old (Bionda-Bruna Montalla plates)  spooky mixes of light, smoke and fog spread over the valley  an […]


This Ottobre, October, has been an unusual one filled with humid Indian summer days and long red-tinged dusks.  Nature is a little behind this year.  The crocus are still hanging on, the bees are still busy, and the spiders are in overdrive building web after web.  Instead of normally being obsessed with olive picking, the […]

Comincia l’autunno

  A vendemmia full of promise and sunshine and laughter and gossip  culminating in pasta and roasted meats and cups and cups of wine.   Days viewed through low lying clouds and smoky horizons. Walks at dusk through the olives in rubber boots with dogs and cat and family.   And Autumn begins again…