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February ed il sole

The sun beams on my face as I write.  When the winter sun passes directly by my desk in the afternoon, he blinds me with the warmest goodness.  It has been a while since he showed his face around here…that Mr. ‘Low in the Sky’.  When he decides to shine, the whole world lights up […]

Flashback to Turkish Delight

Where did the time go?  I sat down this morning to go through the past few months in pictures.  Being visual, it seems to be the only way I can remember life these days.  I stumbled across some very colorful snapshots of my time in Istanbul this past February.  An eyeopening escape from my little […]

Finding Pattern

As I mentioned here and here, it really is the simplest of things that bring the most joy.  Stepping out of the door the other morning, this beautiful work of art struck me.   I can just imagine the time, effort and thought that went into such a creation… pattern and inspiration bloom in every corner.

Primavera days

There is just something about spring in Tuscany, it never fails to knock me off my feet every year.  Those lingering cool breezes and longer days.  If you ask me about my favorite sounds I would immediately reply the sing song of birds before dawn and that ever present flutter of poplar leaves.  If you […]