Celebrating 10 (2)

To continue the celebration of 10, I thought that I would write a bit about the place I have chosen to live.  Just as I gave you 10 things about me, here are my 10 favorite things that you will only find in Tuscany.

1      A trip two hours in any direction delivers landscapes that make you feel like you have traveled to another country.

2      Eyes are opened as you wander the streets of Florence in the evening with all the shops aglow.
3      Those silvery olive trees essentially speak while they are swaying in the wind.
4      Layers upon layers of history are reflected in intricate stone and brick work all placed by someone’s hand.
5      Autumn arrives with the smell of wood smoke wafting from every chimney and field.
6      That perfect golden light at dusk can make you feel like you are bathing in rose gold.
7      An explosion of wildflowers brings year round eye candy with poppies, sunflowers, rock roses, fruit trees, even the little margherite that dot my front lawn make me smile.
8      Drives through the countryside fill you up and last all day…sometimes not even stopping or leaving the car.
9      Lazy long lingering lunches in small seemingly isolated trattorie with course after course and a bottle of red Vino Nobile.
10    Never needing a watch, as there will always be a church bell to guide your day.      

Celebrating 10

I have officially hit the dieci mark…10 years for Laura Fair and for Italy.  Really hard to believe.  I have been thinking about this all morning on this strange, slightly foggy Sunday.  I thought I might start a little 10 things series.  At the risk of giving you too much information, apropos to start with 10 things about me, right?
1   I cannot live without the sun…I believe a sunny day can solve all the world’s problems.
2   A dermatologist here in Italy told me I was probably not meant to live here with my skin…she then told me I wear too much sunscreen.
3   I embraced walking only because the landscape calls me to be outside, but have happily found so many other benefits.
4   I waste entirely too much time looking out my window…I am simply captivated by the view.
5   I see patterns and color schemes everywhere…the urge to design never quits.
6   In the winter I spend my days building and stoking fires and my summer is spent with shutters closed in the dark (that is, if I am not swimming in the pool).
7   I do sometimes dream in Italian…and I find I am pretty well versed.
8   Ciccia Maria will always be my first but, she now shares me with the cat, Gatto Matto Leo, and five other dogs Georgia, Giulia, G Dino, Birba, and Anya.
9   I was emphatic about not spending my life with an Italian, funny how our minds can change…now I have Dino and cannot imagine a life without him.
10  I love how balancing my feet on two continents can make me feel grounded at the same time.

10 years

10 years, dieci, a decade.  You all know the tag line, in 2005 I packed up everything I owned, including little Ciccia Maria (who is now 11 1/2 I might add), and set out for the adventure of a lifetime, I moved to Italy.  Wow…what an adventure it has been to say the least in my little house on the hill.  I have lived life in a new language, culture, landscape, time zone…the list goes on and on.
Apparently the symbol of the tenth anniversary is tin or aluminum and I have to say that the pliability of both is the perfect metaphor for not only my life here in Italy, but my Laura Fair designs as well.  As with all things in life, we must be flexible, able to bend without being broken.  Anyone who knows me will say that one of my favorite words is compromise…isn’t that just a synonym of pliability?
This year is not just the anniversary of my move, but also of Laura Fair.  What would be the perfect way to celebrate 10 years of business designing and licensing?  How about we are now at Target.com.  Yes, you heard me, Target my friends!  What an absolutely excellent way to savor the anniversary and all the hard work up until now.  They will be carrying 4 different Laura Fair Pillow Collections from Rizzy Home. 
Be sure to visit www.target.comand search for “laura fair” to check out the pillows and let me know what you think!
With 10 in mind, I am currently working on a look back over the last decade of life and business and will be updating here more often with my thoughts.  Stay tuned…Ciao!

Gennaio 2015

As tradition here in Italy, most homes have a nativity scene and ours is no exception.  We have been patiently waiting for the arrival of the Magi on the 6th.  Then again, silently not wanting their appearance as it signifies the holidays are officially over in Italy.  Well, the wise men traveled to adore Jesus and the holidays are done as of today.   
However, my tree is still standing…not ready to let that go!
Gennaio January, the month of beginnings and resolutions and debuts and promises.  Every year for me, January has meant a trip to the United States…most importantly to the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market at Americasmart.  For the first time in 15 years (gasp), I will not be scaling the escalators or walking the floors between 4 massive buildings.  Instead, I will be quietly working away here in Tuscany in the studio.  Now, this does not mean that Laura Fair product will not be represented throughout the market…don’t get me wrong!  
Golden Rabbit is showing my Laura Fair Chirps and our continuously popular Damask patterns in Red, Blue, and Green.
Rizzy Home continues to showcase my Laura Fair indoor pillow collections with almost 40 designs in which to choose, NEW rugs, and my quilt and bedding collections.  (More on these designs to come…we have some BIG news to deliver in the next couple of weeks!)
And last but certainly not least, Evergreen Garden is featuring both the Spiral Bouquet Garden Collection and the best selling Woodcut Collection in their showroom.
If you happen to be visiting the market, please stop by and see these wonderful showrooms.  If you do, be sure to find me on Facebook and let me know your thoughts as well.
Buon Anno…Happy New Year…and Happy Gennaio!