Awards and Such

My friend kt over at her blog bestowed a wonderful award to me the other day.  I have not had a chance to talk about it here, but I want to say I feel so very honored to have received it, thank you!  Katy is a wonderful girl, so creative, a great mom to 3 children, and also an expat who lives in Northern Italy.  Please do go and check out her blog sometime…you will not be disappointed…you will be amazed at her talent. 
The rules of my Kreativ Blogger award state that I must choose other “kreativ bloggers” to share with you to spread their word.  So here are some of my top reads…
All are creative in their own ways…whether it be writing style, photography and styling, color, humor, travel.  Hope you enjoy these reads! (For those I mentioned…you may pass on the award to others if you would like to play along with us!)
Now as part of the award I must share some unknown facts about myself…
1.  My nickname is Fancy…short for Fancy Pants.  For some reason it has stuck…and it has a little something to do with the fact that I must have Caffeine Free Diet Coke…not just coke, a mix of Decaf Espresso with Regular Espresso and half milk, toothpaste must be tartar control, whitening, paste…you get the picture.
2.  I did not start wearing makeup until I was 35…when my friend Kimberly dragged me to Laura Mercier.  I have never looked back…
3.  I hate to exercise…I do not run even when being chased…and yes, I know that is bad.
4.  This is not so little known, but my doxie Ciccia Maria is my best friend…and she usually travels on the plane with me to the US…I miss her since I left her in Italy this trip.


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