This Ottobre, October, has been an unusual one filled with humid Indian summer days and long red-tinged dusks.  Nature is a little behind this year.  The crocus are still hanging on, the bees are still busy, and the spiders are in overdrive building web after web.  Instead of normally being obsessed with olive picking, the […]

Finding Pattern

As I mentioned here and here, it really is the simplest of things that bring the most joy.  Stepping out of the door the other morning, this beautiful work of art struck me.   I can just imagine the time, effort and thought that went into such a creation… pattern and inspiration bloom in every corner.

Comincia l’autunno

  A vendemmia full of promise and sunshine and laughter and gossip  culminating in pasta and roasted meats and cups and cups of wine.   Days viewed through low lying clouds and smoky horizons. Walks at dusk through the olives in rubber boots with dogs and cat and family.   And Autumn begins again…