If you know me, you know that I was completely against facebook when it was first launched. I had many friends asking me to join…I always said a very firm “no”…why would I want to put my life out on the internet? But then, slowly slowly, I found that my friends were not sending as […]


While I am oh so patiently waiting on the paint to dry for one of my newest Laura Fair projects…I thought I would learn a new word in Italian so that I might write a little update on the last weeks here…fanciullezza or infanzia…childhood…as in reliving one’s. So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can […]

San Biagio

Yesterday was a fascinating day here in the Italian Catholic calendar. A day dedicated to San Biagio, or Saint Blaise in English, who became famous as a miraculous healer when after touching a child with a fish bone caught in his throat, the bone astonishingly melted. We drove over the mountain to the tiny hamlet […]