Something VERY big has been brewing behind the scenes at Laura Fair over the past months. (Sneak peek above…this is a very soft reveal, as I am not even sure if I have the go ahead to do it…but, I am just so elated!) I promise I will reveal much much more to you as […]

More Damask

I happened upon more of the Laura Fair Damask Collection for Golden Rabbit enamelware while perusing the web the other day. Aren’t these shots gorgeous?! If you would like to see more info or to purchase…click on over to Madison Avenue Gifts.


In the midst of all of the touring we have been doing over the past weeks, we also celebrated a very special day. Above is my Goddaughter, Caroline. She traveled all the way from the United States to be baptized in Italy…and for her grandmothers and grandfather, I offer this personal post. We found the […]

Red Damask

Look what I found!! The Laura Fair Red Damask Collection for Golden Rabbit is on sale at Neiman Marcus. For an even better, more detailed, and bigger look…click the link. Always exciting when I find my product around in the marketplace!


My days have been filled with touring over the past weeks. We have had many many friends come to visit this autumn season…the perfect excuse for me to slow down and be a tourist in my own little area. It really is one of the best times to be here in Tuscany. The countryside is […]