I mentioned briefly in my last entry that I recently had lunch with some very special southern girls. They decided to stay within the walls of our little town for a week in April to truly capture and integrate themselves into the life here…and live the life they did. As we sat down to lunch […]

Working away

The lowdown…I have been working away over here…but of course finding time for myself in between. Aprile has been good to me…there have been hikes with our American turned Swiss friends, a visit to my favorite Duomo, lunches with some special southern ladies, drives through the Chianti, cappuccinos in the piazza, lazy walks through the […]


My one year anniversario is here…it is hard for me to believe I started writing in this space one year ago in April. Many things have changed, but as I look around many things have stayed the same. Seems only fitting to start anew in primavera, doesn’t it? It will be very interesting to see […]


Over the past few days I have walked in two processions, seen many a medieval costume, and gazed at a holy thorn from Jesus’s Crown of Thorns. All in a weekend in Italy at Eastertime. Easter, Pasqua, is of course the main component in the Christian calendar, and to the Italians…it is bigger than Christmas. […]