Out of Focus

Living in a foreign country, every day I am challenged when I answer the phone, when I get into the car, when I go to the store, not to mention when I visit the doctor. This is something I did not fully grasp before I made my big move to Italy. I never truly studied […]

October Days

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned it, but October is my very close second favorite month here in Italy (May and it’s flowers being my first as you probably already guessed). The weather is usually a perfect blend of indian summer and brisk autumn. However, this year has been a little extreme […]


Oh my goodness, October is just flying by…I have so many things to tell you all. We have had some wonderful guests, the weather turned from indian summer to winter in a day, and my twentieth high school reunion came and went without me. I promise I will elaborate with more details of all the […]


I took a little trip…it was heavenly. Just me and the camera on an incredibly beautiful October Sunday, that turned into an even more stunning night. I went to Ancona by the sea to visit a friend. All I can say is thanks Tracy…for the chance to experience some great inspiration and relaxation…I did not […]


We have now crowned the last weekend of September “the weekend of wine, vino“. September is traditionally the month in Italy for the grape harvest, or vendemmia. It is not uncommon to find yourself spending some time in a neighbor’s vineyard. Every year we lend a hand to our friends who make their own wine […]