Feeling Warmer

Some of you may already know this, but it gets cold in these parts in the winter time. I know you don’t believe me, “Under the Tuscan Sun” and all, but bone chilling cold could be a more appropriate description. Our VERY old house does not have working heat. We have a fireplace and a […]

Like a Child

Do you ever get the feeling that you just want to be a child again? Play games with your friends in the twilight. Laugh with abandon at silly things. Chase each other in circles until you are dizzy. I got the chance to do it…and I suggest you try it. The annual little country fair […]

Clearing the Mind

Oh we had big plans…hugely extravagant plans of driving aimlessly around the Italian countryside in search of who knows what without a care in the world. But (you knew there was a but), life sometimes gets in the way of your perfectly dreamed up plans. So, with work beckoning (no complaints from me of course […]

Road trip

Someone is dying to take a road trip…and she is not the only one. This household has been working itself to death…it’s time for a break. Let’s see where the road takes us. Where are you going this weekend? Doing anything fun?

Learning from Figs

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.~Chinese proverb My fig tree is following this to a tee. I have been waiting and waiting…four months to be exact. I have seen it’s leaves unfurl…I have watched it’s little ones gradually ripen from a dark rich green to a vibrant chartreuse. I […]