Pranzo all’Isola

Yesterday we decided at the last minute that we wanted to have lunch, pranzo, at Lago Trasimeno, the lake fifteen minutes from us. We jumped in the car and sped to the lake hoping that we were not going to be too late to eat in a restaurant. As some of you may know, lunch […]

Saying Goodbye

I really was not sure I should tell you all about this, as I want to keep this journal upbeat, but I feel that since this is about my “everyday life”, I must. I have just returned from my second funeral in one week. I am crushed and downtrodden a bit by what I have […]


August 15th was the festival of Ferragosto in Italy. A day (and sometimes a whole week) where we all take time to relax and be with friends. We organized a little barbecue in the yard and invited a few friends for dinner. In festive style…we even decided to decorate a little more than normal. An […]

Busy Busy

I have been wrapped up in just about everything this week. I have been making art in all shapes and forms. Spending my days painting, collaging, designing, taking pictures, sewing. I also have had some business to take care of that I cannot wait to share with you. Some really great things on the horizon. […]