“Notturna”…nocturnal…that is what I have been lately. At least I have the moon and the stars to keep me company. If you get the chance, take a minute to gaze upwards tonight. You won’t be disappointed…I sure haven’t been…


How I spent my summer vacation “vacanza” by Laura Fair…I played, I worked, I played, I worked, I worked. That’s about it in a nutshell…here is the real story… No trip to the States is complete without a stop at my favorite bargain shopping stores…how I begin every visit. I was then whisked off to […]

Sono tornata

I have returned to Italy…and to my house, and my man, and my dogs…so happy…although, without luggage.More to come very soon on “how I spent my summer work/play vacation“! Hope all of you are enjoying your summer…

Atlanta & Golden Rabbit

My first day of the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market was busy busy and full of surprises. I had some wonderful meetings in the morning that could turn into some even more wonderful Laura Fair product…I will keep you posted! BUT…the best thing that happened was that Golden Rabbit Enamelware surprised me and […]