It is designtime again…that time twice a year where I frantically prepare to travel to the United States with my designs in hand. I leave on a jet plane tomorrow! I have been so looking forward to my trip to the South this July…even though the internet is a wonderful thing that can make miles […]


Cannot get enough of that golden tramonto (sunset) glow…have a great weekend.

Giving back

Sunday evening we attended a very special community gathering. The priest of our little country church is retiring after fifty years of service. Can you believe that…for fifty years he has lived in the little house offered by the church and has given his life to the community. Just imagine the number of services and […]

For Daddy…

We are missing you here…but hope you have a wonderful father’s day there…I will see you soon!

Waste Not…

I tend to have grand ideas about eating the recommended daily allowances of food each day. With that in mind, I gather all sorts of fruit when I go to the market. (Secretly…I think I purchase more for the look of the fruit bowl than the actual “eating” part.) Are you like me…do you sometimes […]