Last day of May

and as the rain falls, I say goodbye to those May flowers…buona domenica, have a great Sunday!


When I finally made the choice to pack up my life and travel 5,000 miles away from everything I have ever known, I suddenly panicked. Would I be able to sustain a full life without the constant attachment of my family and friends, let alone entirely in another language? “Listen and attend with the ear […]


It has been forty days since Easter, Pasqua, (how times flies) and we have just celebrated L’Ascensione, the Ascension of Jesus into heaven this past Sunday. This also, here in Tuscany, is traditionally the time of chamomile, camomilla, when the flowers are harvested and dried to make a variety of things, and one of my […]


so lazy…cut some roses…lounged in the sun…ate some pears…read a book…danced saturday night away…bought pastries on sunday morning for a special someone…strolled through an antique market…sat in the piazza with a cold drink…hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!


Come walk with me on a Friday morning, venerdi’ mattina…“Walking is man’s best medicine.” ~ HippocratesSure works for me…